About Us

Intouch Peerless provides innovative, measurable, and meaningful software solutions to clients in US and other countries, primarily in the healthcare space. We have been in business since 2002 and over 95% of our business is repeat business from some very satisfied clients in the USA. Our industry leading custom software facilitates deep relationships between our clients and their customers by offering platforms where people can connect about disease states and possible medications used to treat those conditions.

Through industry experience and proven successes, Intouch Peerless has become a valuable
asset to clients in the global healthcare industry because we consistently:

  • Develop integrated solutions that are based on a strategic approach and a comprehensive understanding of customer contacts, data and information
  • Deliver customized, result-oriented products and services on time, on target, and on budget
  • Work with our clients in flexible partnerships

Among the many benefits of working with Intouch Peerless, customers can:

  • Improve customer relationships and satisfaction
  • Gain actionable business intelligence for customer communications
  • Dramatically reduce cost per customer contact
  • Create strategic e-business programs

We closely follow emerging technology trends and look for opportunities to help our clients transform their online models far quicker than their competitors.

Our Values

Honesty - in all our communications, we strive to be completely honest, and expect our clients to be equally so.

Creativity - creativity is central to who we are and what we do.

Quality - our projects live up to the highest standards of quality.

Teamwork - we include clients in our definition of "team" and teamwork breeds responsibility and quality.