Intouch Peerless’s 5-step Methodology

Clarify Scope - We work with you to clearly understand your immediate needs and long-term goals and your operating and technical environments. We agree on your business objectives and create a strategic plan of action.

Architecture - Once a solution has been defined and we agree on project objectives, Intouch Peerless defines the functional, technical and creative requirements and builds a prototype to validate the concept.

Design - In this step, we develop the content and refine the architecture. The result is a working prototype of the deliverables, ready for usability, testing and refinement.

Implementation - We build the final product and if required, integrate the solution with your existing systems. We will test and quality assure to make sure your product is reliable.

Enhancements - For a period of time after launch, Intouch Peerless monitors and analyzes how your solution performs against the success criteria defined.